Long range expedition trawlers
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Front five pilothouse windows are 3/4" thick safety glazing, all other windows on the main deck are 1/2" thick safety glazing.  At the top of the photo is the upper part of the antenna mast where the radar scanner mounts. On the front of the pilothouse brow is a high lumens LED flood light. Below the brow are three grills covering an internal ventilation box from which fresh air is distributed above and below the main deck. Forward of the pilothouse on the main deck are hatches and ventilators servicing the heads and the forward cabin. The large hatch that has a temporary fan over it is an escape hatch.
Looking aft over the boat deck. The mast is hinged so that it may be lowered to reduce the air draft of the boat below 19 feet. The "H" shaped stack vents the diesel boiler exhaust. The boat deck will carry a 10 foot inflatable and a 15 foot sailboat. Both will be lifted with a boom and electric hoist. The two vent boxes are engine room and lazarette air vents.
Positioning the mast. Aft door, galley side door and pilot house doors are all open. Ladder aft of galley door is for emergency access to the life raft that will reside in the nook created by the railing above the ladder.
Looking forward on the boat deck from left to right; the gooseneck shape is a two inch vent for the fuel tanks - it is self closing,  three deck storage compartments, the silver object is the shore power cord cover plate - an electric reel is in the compartment behind, the vent grill is the engine air intake on centerline - there is another grill around the corner, companionway leading to the pilothouse, finally the deck hatch leading to the ladder down to the main deck on the starboard side. 
Starboard side main deck. 26 inch wide side decks are on both sides of the boat. The inset box on the bulkhead aft of the ladder is a fuel fill station with containment dam. There is a similar fuel station on the port side. All fuel tanks can be filled from either the port or starboard side. 
A look at the stern swimstep with permanent boarding ladder. The hatch on the port side of the swims  access to a large box for the stern anchor rode. Looking over the aft rail the bait sink faucet and the grill can be partially seen. Notice that we are tied up to a fixed dock with large pilings. Our extra large steel railings make fenders unnecessary.
Large aft deck bait prep sink and live bait well on port side, grill and propane locker on starboard side. Steel bulwarks provide protection while large freeing ports shed water quickly.
 A look aft along the wide port side deck. The white object on the upper boat deck is a six man Winslow life raft. The door leads to the pilothouse and the interior steps up to the boat deck as well has half hull models on the aft bulkhead can be seen through the window